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Booking Office

Thank you very much indeed for your interest in the new North Eastern Railway Tile Maps.

Each map panel is made up of 64 map tiles and 8 half depth title tiles spelling out the company name at the top.   

Tile Panels are available in two sizes. The full size uses 8” x 8” (203mm x 203mm) and 8” x 4” (203mm x 101mm) tiles. The three quarter version uses 6” x 6” (152mm x 152mm) and 6” x 3” (152mm x 75mm) tiles. We recommend the three quarter panel for use in the average house.

Panels can also be supplied with the traditional honey coloured slip and dado surround set to make a complete NER tile map.The three quarter size uses a single row of slips and a proprietary dado, to suit its reduced scale, whilst the full size uses a double row of slips and an exact copy of the NER dado. Both sizes use a further row of slip tiles to form a divider beween the map and title tiles

The tiles can be supplied waterproofed. This is recommended if they are to be used in showers, bathrooms, kitchens, outdoors, or any other damp environments.

We can also supply a half scale Tile Map Picture set, again handmade by Craven Dunnill at Jackfield. These are made up of just 20 tiles, and measure 32" x 34" (812mm x 863mm) when complete. The tiles are supplied ready waterproofed. They can be used in gardens and swimming pools, as wall decorations, in showers, kitchens and bathrooms, and make a stunning picture when mounted and framed. The tiles bear a representation of the title and map dividing slips, but have no surrounding slips or dado, since these can be represented by suitable framing.

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